Do you have any questions? We are always ready to answer them!


Do you have any questions? We are always ready to answer them!


by Евгений
Our knowledge and many years of experience make it possible to solve problems and gain objectives of any complexity for our customers.

What is your company’s profile?

We supply the Russian market with high-quality and high-efficacy oral care products. Nanodent is Apadent’s, Apagard’s, Bluem’s, Swissdent’s and TePe’s exclusive distributor in Russia.

Why Nanodent?

We value our reputation and our clients’ and partners’ trust. That’s why we do our best to meet business high ethical demands and take care of every client’s, partner’s or employee’s interests.

Do you work with regions?

Yes, we do. We develop a nationwide dealer’s network.

Do you have all necessary certificates? Do you check products’ expiry dates?

One of our most important principles is being reliable in all aspects. We offer only the best products, which have gained the necessary certification. We control our goods’ quality and expiry dates and provide all necessary information to our partners and customers.

How can I make an order?

If you want to make an order or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us! You can ask for a consultation on our website, call us or email to us.