APADENT® Sensitive is a medical and preventive toothpaste, which effectively reduces teeth sensitivity with the help of potassium nitrate. Together with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, it penetrates into damaged areas and reinforces nano-mHAP® crystallization, seals vulnerable dentine tubules and blocks ache signals in the nervous system.

The toothpaste contains two unique active ingredients: potassium nitrate and Medical Nano-Hydroxyapatite®. They reinforce each other’s action significantly and they both are proved to be effective against teeth hypersensitivity.

Potassium nitrate instantly influences teeth effectors directly, so that blocked ache signals don’t reach nerves and unpleasant sensations go away. Medical Nano-Hydroxyapatite® (nano-Mhap®) is a mineral developed after NASA (the USA) patent. This mineral is naturally present in the tooth enamel and its medical use rebuild the enamel density, fills micro fissures on the enamel surface and seals exposed dentine tubules. Thus, it removes the cause of teeth hypersensitivity: the weakened enamel is rebuilt, the dentine tubules are well-sealed and irritants cannot impact the tooth effectors and cause pain anymore. The combination of these two components in one formula increases its effectiveness by times – potassium nitrate facilitates more active hydroxyapatite particles’ penetration into enamel impaired areas and accelerates their crystallization. Exposed dentine tubules are sealed significantly faster. As a result, enamel hypersensitivity is fully removed!

Clinical testing has proved the effectiveness of APADENT® Sensitive Toothpaste in reducing caries risk by 46% and preventing caries in the early stage (the white spot stage).


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