SWISSDENT EXTREME Intensively Whitening Mouthwash Volume: 300 ml



Ultra-refreshing SWISSDENT EXTREME Mouthwash is a perfect choice for smokers, coffee and red wine drinkers. It whitens the smile, prevents dark spots and stains appearance on the enamel and neutralizes unpleasant smells after eating, drinking or smoking.

The mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol and therefore neither irritates the mouth mucous membrane nor causes dryness. Perfect for situations when there is no possibility to clean one’s teeth – it effectively neutralizes the aggressive acids, gently removes the dental plaque and significantly reduces its formation.

Natural essential oils from Eucalyptus Globulus, Gaultheria Procumbens and Peppermint leaves remove the bacteria from the mouth, restore the mouth microflora balance and strengthen the gums.

SWISSDENT EXTREME whitening mouthwash doesn’t contain fluorine, conserving and coloring agents.


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