Exhibition Dental Salon 2017 in Moscow. How was it?

Exhibition Dental Salon 2017 in Moscow. How it was?

Not so long ago, our company took part in the annual spring exhibition “Dental Salon 2017”. It was an amazing 4 days, filled with emotions, new knowledge, lively communication, tips, advice, gifts, cocktails and, of course, the most sincere smiles!

At our booth, we traditionally presented premium toothpastes and brushes from Japan (APADENT, APAGARD), Switzerland (SWISSDENT) and the Netherlands (BlueM). But the most striking and memorable event of this exhibition was unconditionally the presentation of the new TeRe brand (Sweden)! We decorated all this with a small bartender show, useful gifts and seasoned it with informative and fascinating lectures from the best specialists in the field of dentistry. You spoke, shared experience and knowledge: the charming Lina Kanters (Swedish expert TeRe, who came to the exhibition especially for you), as well as the inimitable Galina Pashkova and Elena Vergizaeva (dentists at the BOSCO clinic).
Visitors spent time with benefit and pleasure. Not a single showcase or product was left without attention! What can I say about this, you can see for yourself by watching a small clip at the end of the page. In the meantime, you are watching a video about how it was, we will run to prepare for the next exhibition – Dental Expo 2017, where we hope to meet you!

NANODENT Dental Salon 2017

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