Apadent Total (120 g)


APADENT® Total care is a medical and preventive toothpaste with Medical Nano-Hydroxyapatite, which rebuilds and remineralizes the enamel from the inside, evens micro lesions and fills micro fissures on the enamel surface, removes the dental plaque and impedes bacterial formation. Makes the teeth naturally white, smooth and shining. Recommended for use during pregnancy and in the presence of orthodontic appliances.

Clinical testing has proved the effectiveness of APADENT® Total care in decreasing caries risk by 46% and preventing caries in the early stage (the white spot stage). The proved effectiveness of Apadent Toothpaste is conditioned by Medical Nano-Hydroxyapatite® (nano-Mhap®) – a unique active ingredient, which was developed by Sangi scientists after NASA (the USA) patent in 1978. Nano-Mhap® is a mineral, present in the tooth enamel. Thanks to the natural compatibility with the tooth enamel and extremely small nano-size, nano-Mhap® particles easily penetrate deep into the enamel, integrate firmly into the crystal lattice and strengthen damaged and vulnerable areas. Nano-Mhap® perfect concentration in APADENT® Total care enables even thin and weak enamel rebuilding. By contrast with many other enamel strengthening ingredients, Medical Nano-Hydroxyapatite® is acknowledged to be an effective anticaries remedy by the Japanese Health Ministry.


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