Apagard Premio (whitening toothpaste for enamel rebuilding) (100 ml)


The number-one highly effective whitening and enamel-rebuilding toothpaste in Japan. The high concentration of Medical Nano-Hydroxyapatite (nano-mHAP®) enables active enamel rebuilding and struggles against caries in early stages. Produces excellent whitening effect and rebuilds the enamel both externally and internally if used regularly. Makes the enamel smooth, shining and snow-white. Active ingredients help to save the gums health and produce breath-refreshing effect. No fluorides or parabens.

Besides nano-hydroxyapatite, APAGARD® Premio also contains:

  • Cetylpyridinium chloride (an antiseptic, protecting from bacteria, a few viruses and fungi, preventing inflammation).

Beta-glycyrrhetinic acid (an active anti-inflammatory agent, reducing mucous membrane swelling and protecting periodontal tissues).


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