Blue®M Oral Gel With Active Oxygen (15 ml)


Blue®M Oral Gel with active oxygen was developed specially for clinical use. It has a significantly higher concentration of active ingredients, including active oxygen (ROS Blue®M) and lactoferrin in comparison to Blue®M Gel Toothpaste and Mouthwash. Blue®M Gel is a strong antiseptic remedy and a powerful tissue regeneration stimulator. Prevents tissue hypoxia, activates cellular metabolism and increases cells’ energy resources. Accelerates epithelium formation in the damaged mucous membrane, facilitates blood vessels regeneration and strengthening, increases the blood circulation. Not mutagenic, not cytotoxic, doesn’t cause death of cells (either red blood cells or white blood cells, doesn’t impair either mouth mucous membrane or osteoblastic cells).

Helps to solve many oral problems:

• periimplantitis and pericoronitis
• sore lesions, including those after implantation, extraction, etc.
• gingival bleeding, gum sinking, gum inflammation
• stomatitis, gingivitis, mucous membrane ulcers
• teeth and implants gum pocket deepening
• inflammation and wounds after surgery, implantation, radio- and chemotherapy, etc.
• pressing or rubbing dentures
• herpetic infection

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