SWISSDENT CRYSTAL Whitening Cream for Enamel Strengthening and Protection (100 ml)


SWISSDENT CRYSTAL Whitening Cream for teeth is designed on the basis of the unique biomimetic remineralization technology, which provides deep enamel rebuilding and its mineral balance restoration. The record-breaking low abrasiveness (RDA 14!) provides as gentle cleaning of sensitive enamel as possible. Incredible sparkling texture will turn your everyday oral care into a SPA ritual. Apply to the teeth before going to sleep and don’t rinse in order to reinforce the remineralization effect.
Fruit ferment papain decomposes and removes the coloring plaque, provides intensive enamel cleaning without damages, which is especially important for sensitive teeth.
The formula includes potassium nitrate, which immediately neutralizes unpleasant after-whitening sensations. It influences effectors directly to block pain impulses so that they don’t reach the nerve and the person feels comfortable.
Xylite is a natural antibacterial component in the cream. It is good for total oral health and reduces caries risk.
Natural oils from Gaultheria Procumbens leaves, eucalyptus and peppermint strengthen the gums, produce powerful antibacterial effect and prevent halitosis (bad breath).
SWISSDENT CRYSTAL whitening cream doesn’t contain fluorine, parabens and peroxides. No SLS.


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