SWISSDENT EXTREME Intensively Whitening Toothpaste (50 ml)


Swiss scientists created SWISSDENT EXTREME to help coffee drinkers, red wine lovers and other coloring products consumers keep their teeth white and healthy. The patented high-tech whitening system is based on the interaction of the micronized calcium peroxide <0,1% and fruit ferments. Bromelain and papain actively decompose the dental plaque and remove it from the enamel. Calcium peroxide makes your smile perfectly white and strengthens the enamel, saturating it with the necessary minerals. Thus, dark spots after tea or red wine disappear and your smile becomes snow-white and healthy. Low abrasiveness (RDA 40) guarantees careful cleaning of the enamel, without abrasion, thinning or sensitivity increase. Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E care about your gums and produce antioxidant effect. No SLS. Thoroughly balanced content of fluorine (1180 ppm) guarantees effective caries protection. Appropriate for everyday use.


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