TePe Angle™ Interdental Brush (0.45)


TePe Angle ™ is designed for controlled and convenient interdental cleaning. It has an angled brush head for easier access, especially between the posterior teeth and from the palatal and lingual sides. The ergonomic long and flat handle offers a stable grip. TePe Angle™ is a good choice for those who prefer interdental brushes with longer handles or when dexterity is reduced.
To fit both narrow and wider interdental spaces, TePe Angle™ is available in six color-coded sizes, corresponding to the original TePe interdental brush range.
Wire diameters: size 0, pink – 0.4 mm wire; size 1, orange – 0.45 mm wire; size 2, red – 0.5 mm wire; size 3, blue – 0.6 mm wire; size 4, yellow – 0.7 mm wire; size 5, green – 0.8 mm wire.
TePe Angle™ has a plastic-coated wire for safe and gentle cleaning.
It’s a perfect tool for posterior cleaning from the buccal side, anterior and posterior cleaning from the lingual side, cleaning of implants from the buccal and the palatal sides.


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