Whitewash whitening toothbrush


Unique Toothbrush Designed Using Whitening Technology
Whitening Bristle Technology, whose bristles help clean tooth enamel and protect it from plaque and browning. It is scientifically proven that Whitening Toothbrush brushes are 35% better at removing plaque than regular brushes. The ergonomic premium design is designed for the most comfortable use.
Designed by UK Dentists
How to use: Brush your teeth with toothpaste 2 times a day. Consult a physician regarding use for hypersensitivity.
Apply strictly for its intended purpose.
Producer: WhiteWash Laboratories Limited / Whitewash Laboratories Limited 1 Kings Court Laing Close Bolckow Industrial Estate Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 7EH / 1 Kings Cote Laying Close

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