APADENT® (Manufacturer – Sangi, Japan) – innovative treatment and prophylactic toothpastes with Medical Nano-Hydroxyapatite (nano-mHAP®), designed for deep restoration and strengthening of enamel. The high penetrating ability of nano-mHAP® allows you to actively saturate the enamel with the necessary minerals and prevent the development of caries at the initial stage (white spot stage). Efficiency is confirmed by numerous studies. www.apadent.ru

APAGARD® (Manufacturer – Sangi, Japan) – No. 1 whitening toothpaste in Japan. Unique in their effectiveness, the smile gives a dazzling whiteness, while restoring the enamel at the level of nano-particles. Medical Nano-Hydroxyapatite, which is part of the composition, strengthens and restores the structure of enamel at the molecular level, and with it protective properties, smoothness and luster. www.apagard.ru

BLUE®M (Netherlands) – a comprehensive oral care, indispensable for periodontal diseases, bleeding and gum disease, as well as after surgery. Carefully verified product formulas with active oxygen and lactoferrin have a powerful regenerating, healing and antiseptic property. Accelerates the healing of acute wounds, reduces the depth of the gingival pockets to 71% and facilitates the integration of the implant into the bone. It has no side effects and is a more effective alternative to chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide. Efficiency is confirmed by numerous studies. www.bluemcare.ru

SWISSDENT (Zurich, Switzerland) – premium luxury cosmetics for effective but gentle whitening and restoration of enamel. Toothpastes to create a truly flawless smile have an incredibly low level of abrasion (RDA 14-40). Due to the content of fruit enzymes, enamel is cleaned without damaging it at all. Micronized components are responsible for effective and safe whitening, as well as saturate the enamel with the necessary minerals. Valuable extracts and essential oils strengthen the gums and keep the breath fresh for a long time. www.swissdent.com

TePe (Malmo, Sweden) – A wide range of oral hygiene tools designed to make dental health accessible to everyone. Continued collaboration with dental experts has made TePe a leading brand in preventive dentistry. Design, engineering and manufacturing takes place in one place – at the head office in Malmö, Sweden. Various TePe interdental brushes, toothbrushes and toothpicks are recommended by dentists and are used in 60 countries around the world. www.TePe.ru

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